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Blue Room Jams, Etc, Misc - 10 Songs

Single Videos

Doll - Music Video

World - Music Video

ASDG - Music Video

Cobblestone - Music Video

Kraid's Lair - Music Video

Vampire Killer - Music Video

Skeleton - Live Solo Version

2nd Annual Toilet Toss Championship - Musical Score by Rockenheimer

Rockin' the Moose Knuckle - Music Video

Everything We Do is Doomed - Lyric Video

ASDGii (Live 20140627) - Lyric Video

Doll - Lyric Video



No You Di-ent

Zilibuba & The Next Reality (Parts I-V)

Blue Room Jam - EZ Street

Blue Room Jam - Dance of the Manatee #51

Blue Room Jam - Elastic Fantasmo

In the Studio - Tracking Organ on "Elastic Fantasmo"

In the Studio - Tracking Vocals on "Skeleton"

In the Studio - Tracking Bari Sax on "Elastic Fantasmo"

In the Studio - Tracking Drums on "No Mo Phone"